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Ways To Make More Money Playing in Live Blackjack Dealers

  • on Sep 10, 2022

Blackjack is a great game to play casually, but a successful player will need to think like a professional, to succeed, you’re going to need as many tricks and strategies as you can get your hands on and know the rules of blackjack.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can make money playing live blackjack dealers without having to spend too much time or money. We’ll take a look at some of the best ways as well as the rules of blackjack that you can start making money now so that you have something steady coming in when times get hard again.

Play Blackjack Online

When you start betting at live blackjack dealers online, you’re playing against other players who are also looking to make money using the same strategy that you are. This means that at all times, you have an opponent who is trying to beat the table with you. This is a great way to practice and sharpen your skills before stepping into a live, real-money environment once you feel ready.

You can set up a live blackjack dealers game online with any number of blackjack providers. These providers offer online blackjack with a wide range of game options and rules of blackjack. You can choose from a single deck, multi-deck, limited bet tables, and many other options.

Most online blackjack providers offer mobile blackjack as well although some online blackjack games have specific rules of blackjack, most blackjack games on the internet work with the same basic principles.

Play Live Blackjack

Most people who play live blackjack dealers are either old hands at the game, or they’ve just lost their job and don’t know what to do with their time. Regardless of why you decide to play live blackjack, it’s a great way to make money while having a social event.

You can also find live blackjack games at many bars, casinos, and other public places. You can find live blackjack dealers that are either for money or for free. If you look at most live blackjack games, the ones for money are almost always for cash.

The ones for free are almost always for chips, and you can choose how many chips you want to give away before you start playing. When you’re at a live blackjack table for the money, you want to take as many chips as you can without busting out.

This means that you want to keep taking bets until you bust out, but you also don’t want to risk getting all of your money taken away.

Nerves can get the best of you, so the best option is to just keep taking chips until someone else starts to take a bet.

Pass The Bet

This is a very unorthodox blackjack strategy that is only used by a small percentage of successful players. What you do is pass the bet to your opponent when they hit or stand because they have a 10 card. You do this knowing that they’ll almost always keep hitting until they bust.

If your opponent has a 9 or 8, they’ll bust out, but most of the time, they’ll keep hitting until they have a 10 so that they can keep going in search of blackjack, this is an unorthodox strategy, so it’s not something that you’re going to see your average blackjack player using. Make sure you know all about the rules of blackjack.

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